Online Center Instructions

  1. Registering - This system requires that all persons who use the system for more than general browsing have a User ID, even Unattached athletes. Users are asked to list their Club affiliation but only if they intend to manage the entries of the athletes that they enter. A Club can have more than one UserID. There are advantages and disadvantages to having multiple Users (see below note A of item #4). A User ID is required to enter athletes into the system. An athlete must be in the system before you can enter them into a meet. Athletes that are entered by one User cannot be viewed, edited or entered into a meet by any other User even if they are with the same club. If you are unable to view an athlete please make sure that you are logged in under the correct User ID. Do not re-enter an athlete in the system that is already associated with another User before they are removed by their current User.  If you are an athlete and you are just entering yourself then please remember that your entry will only appear under your UserID and you will not be eligible to be on any relays that are controlled by another User.

  2. Forgotten or Lost UserID or Password - If you have forgotten your UserID and you have entered athletes into the system, you must contact Ron Jackson at rjackson1104@comcast.net. If you have just forgotten your Password follow the 'Forgot it' link that appears after an invalid password entry. Your User ID and password will be e-mailed to the e-mail address that you used upon your initial registration. If you wish to change the user that is associated with an athlete, you must first logon as the User who has control over that Athlete and remove the athlete from the system. You can then logon as the User that you wish to have control of the athlete and add the athlete to the system.
  3. Adding a New User - To enter athletes in the system must have a User ID.  You can get a User ID by following the link below the text box on the Login page.  When you have properly registered you will be returned to the login page to enter the system. Please don't request a new user just because you forgot your ID or password.  Follow the instructions above to retrieve lost User IDs or Passwords.

  4. Adding Athletes - Once you are logged into the system you will be permitted to register athletes under your User ID.  It is important to remember that athletes are associated primarily with a User ID and not a club. If another person from the same club requests a User Id, they will be allowed. Athletes who are entered under that User ID will be available only to that User.

    Note A: Having multiple User IDs may be useful if a Club has a different coach for each age group and that person will handle certain athletes but remember that User will only have access to those athletes that are entered under that User ID.

    Note B: The system will only check that the athlete you are entering does not already exist in the system. If an athlete is already registered to another User you will be notified. The existing athlete registration must be removed by their current User before you can enter them under your User or enter them into any meet. This is the responsibility of the Athlete or Club requesting the change. Athletes wishing to change their team affiliation prior to Meet #3 must notify Meet Administration. No changes in team affiliation is allowed after Meet #2 of the series.

  5. Showing Athletes – You can display all athletes currently assigned to your User ID by pressing the ‘Show Athletes’ button.  The Id Number, which is assigned by the system, is required for all transactions in the system for that athlete.

  6. Entering Athletes into Meets- Entering an athlete in a meet can be done only after the athlete has been entered into the system under your UserId. Once you select an athlete from the dropdown table of all athletes associated with your UserId, you must select a meet from the available list of meets accepting Online entries. The ID Number shown is an ‘Meet Admin Center’ system assignment and should not be confused with the * competitor number that will be assigned by another system at a later time. Please check the Meet Information page for event eligibility prior to entering your athletes into any meet.  If you enter an athlete in an event for which they are not eligible you will not be notified and they will not be entered into the event. Entry fees are non-refundable.

  7. Entering or Updating Seed Times - Seed times are very important. It is how heats are setup during the competition. Seed times must be entered in a specific format depending on whether you are entering Metric (meter & centimeters) or English (feet & inches). The format for Metric is 'mm.cc' and the format for English is 'FF-II.ii'. You may delete leading zeroes from your entry. tThe dash for english measurements is very important so that the system can distinguish between a Metric and English submissions. If you do not know the time or distance you may enter ND for no distance, NT for no time or NH for no height. Upon submission the system will convert your English mark to Metric for processing.

  8. Showing Entries - You can list all of the entries that you have submitted for a particular meet by pressing the 'Show Entries' button.

  9. Changing or Deleting Athlete Data- You can change most data associated with an athlete by pressing the ‘Edit Athlete Data’ button on the ‘Control Center’ main menu.  The ID Number cannot be changed.  If you wish to totally delete an athlete from the system all entries for that athlete must be removed first.

  10. Showing Users – the ‘Show User’ button provides a quick check for users currently registered in the system. If a User is already associated with your club you should take precautions not to split your athletes over multiple users.  As explained in the Add Athletes paragraph above, this can be useful but it can also be confusing.

  11. Confirming Entries - When you have added your entries to a meet they are shown with a 'Pending' status until you officially confirm them for processing.  This allows you an opportunity to review and change your entries before they are processed.  You confirm them on the Meet Admin Center Menu. Entries with a Pending status will be changed to Accepted or Needs Birth Certificate after they are confirmed and reviewed.  Accepted entries require no further action. Entries requiring Birth Date validation are processed when that validation is completed.

  12. Submitting Fees- When you have completed all of your entries to a meet you are required to make payment by the entry deadline for that meet. You can either do that online (our preference) or you can submit payment to Ron Jackson at the address listed in the contact us link on the main page. All payments must be completed by the entry deadline or the entry will automatically be removed. Ther is no refund or substitution of entry fees due to lack of participation. If the UAGTCA cancels an event then appropriate credir will be issued for another meet.

  13. Verifying Athletes - All Youth Athletes are required to verify their age prior to competing in any meet. All birth verification documents (birth Certificate, Drivers license, School Registration forms, etc.) should be sent to our Birth Date Verifier prior to competing.   Entries requiring Birth Date validation are only processed after that validation is completed.

    * The Competitor number is the physical number that is provided at meet registration.  It will change from meet to meet and It will not be the same as the computer assigned ID number that is generated when you add an athlete to the system. That computer ID will remain the same as long as that the athlete is in our system.

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