IIn 2018, the UAGTCA will conduct 2 meets as part of our indoor series.  Please note, the UAGTCA will not conduct an Indoor Championship meet this year.



These meets are sanctioned by Mid-Atlantic USATF and sponsored solely by the UAGTCA. All Clubs, High School (HS) or Unattached athletes are welcome to compete and must meet the age requirements (HS athletes: Please check with your school regarding eligibility impact). Entry into each meet is independent and no prior participation in the series is required in order to compete in any of these meets.


2018 Major changes:

  1. We will be using pa.MileSplit for entries into all UAGTCA events.
    1. Do not use the old UAGTCA entry system!
    2. If you have not done so already, it is imperative that you:
      1. Create a FREE MileSpilt account
      2. Claim Your Team and Create/Input your Roster
      3. NOTE:  Please do not wait until the week of the deadline to start this process as it will take some time to complete these steps which is a requirement and prerequisite to ENTERING ATHLETES into any UAGTCA meet.
  2. Entry deadline and Payment deadline are the same deadline dates and times.



2018 UAGTCA Meet 1

Site:      Widener University Chester, PA

Date:    Saturday 1/13/2018

Packet Pick-up: 8:00 am

Meet Starts: 9:00 am

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 11:00 pm - 1/10/2018

Entry Fee: $7.00 Per Individual Event - Relays: $24.00 Per Relay Event

Payment Deadline: All fees must be paid by Wednesday - 1/10/2018

Awards: Ribbons 1st - 6th Place in each event

Sanction: USA Track & Field - Mid-Atlantic – 20171024567083

Rules: USATF Rules of Competition

Directions: Widener University


2018 UAGTCA Meet 2

Site: Widener University Chester, PA

Date: Saturday 2/10/2018

Packet Pick-up: 7:00 am

Meet Starts: 8:00 am

Entry Deadline: Wednesday 11:00 pm - 2/7/2018

Entry Fee: $7.00 Per Individual Event - Relays: $24.00 Per Relay Event

Payment Deadline: All fees must be paid by Wednesday - 2/7/2018

Awards: Ribbons 1st - 6th Place in each event

Sanction: USA Track & Field - Mid-Atlantic – 20171024567084

Rules: USATF Rules of Competition

Directions: Widener University



Entries for this meet can only be made through MileSplit  You must sign up for a free account and claim your team. It is highly recommended all coaches do this ASAP.  Do now wait for the week of the meet as it could take some time to claim your team.  Once you claim your team, you can add athletes to your roster.  This process will take some time for the first meet, but you will not have to repeat this process for additional meets.


Birth Verification:

Birth Verification:  All youth athletes must have their birthdate verified by the UAGTCA before the entry will be accepted. All requests for birth date verification can be sent, via e-mail to Diane Jackson, UAGTCA Birth Verifier, at or to the address below and must be received before the birth verification deadline. The entry deadline will not be extended due to late submission of birth verification documents.


Mail all Birth Date verification Documents to: 1104 Summit Lane Oreland, PA 19075


Telephone: 215-402-9292.



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Additional Information:

For questions or additional information email: or call 215-402-9292.


Age Groups:

     Age Determination is as of December 31, 2018


         8 & Under               2010 or 2013*

         9 & 10 years old     2008 or 2009

        11 & 12 years old    2006 or 2007

        13 & 14 years old    2004 or 2005

         15 & 16 years old   2003 or 2002

        17 & 18 Years old

HIGH SCHOOL       1999 thru 2003 enrolled



The UAGTCA will always make every attempt to host each meet as scheduled. In the event of inclement weather we will post a final determination as to the status of each meet on the main page of our website by 6:00 am, the morning of the meet. The Campus Safety departments of each University will make the final determination as to the suitability of their facility to host any of the meets. Appropriate entry fee credits or refunds will be determined by the UAGTCA in the event of any cancellation.



  • Only 1/8" spikes or indoor flats permitted. Dressing facilities are not available. Athletes must come dressed to run.
  • Only UAGTCA Meet Management and working officials are permitted into the Widener University Field House prior to 8:00 am.
  • Seating in the Widener University Field House is limited.
  • Only competing athletes and authorized meet officials are permitted in the event Clerking Area (8 & Under athletes may be accompanied by a parent or coach but parents/coaches must leave the area after check-in).
  • Eating and drinking in the Widener University Field House is strictly prohibited except in areas especially designated for that purpose.



Code of Conduct:

  • The UAGTCA has a zero tolerance policy for any vandalism or disruptive behavior. Violators will be asked to leave the premises immediately. No refunds will be issued!
  • Athlete and Spectator Conduct:  Each team participating in the UAGTCA series is responsible for the conduct and control of the athletes and all spectators associated with the team. A few unfortunate incidents have forced the UAGTCA to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for acts of violence or vandalism. Athletes involved in any incident will be asked to leave the venue and on any repeated incident the team will be disqualified and not be allowed to participate in future UAGTCA sponsored events.



Competition Bib Numbers:

  • Each athlete will be charged a one-time $1.00 fee for the bib which will be collected at the time of Packet Pick-up on the day of the meet.
  • Each athlete is issued a Bib number that is to be re-used each week.
  • Replacement numbers will be issued at a cost of $2.00 per bib.
  • Only replacement numbers that are issued and stamped by UAGTCA registration personnel may be used in the competition.


Meet Entry Deadlines:

All Entries must be confirmed by the Entry deadline for each meet. Additionally, all Fees and Birth verifications must be verified by the entry deadline before each meet.




  • Awards are distributed at the following meet in the series. You can generally pick up any unclaimed awards at any meet during the series. All awards not picked up during the series can be mailed, at your request and cost, to the contact on file after the final meet of the series. Please check to make sure that we have the correct contact information on file.
  • Ribbons will be given to 1st through 6th Place.




Field Events:

  • There are 3 attempts per athlete in the Long Jump & Shot Put permitted in meets 1 and 2.
  • Implements:
    • Shot Put 8&Under – 2kg
    • 9&10 - 6lb
    • 11&12 - 6lb
    • 13&14G 6lb
    • 13&14B - 4KG
    • HSG - 4KG
    • HSB - 12lb


Clerking Area:

Only participating athletes are permitted in the clerking area. Absolutely No Coaches, Parents or Spectators will be permitted in this area. A coach or parent is permitted to escort athletes in the 8&Under Division up to the clerking area. They are not, however, permitted to go in. Violation of this rule will result in the immediate disqualification of the Coach and athlete from the meet. There will be no warnings given. All individual points for that entire meet will be forfeited. Coaches who are disqualified from 2 meets will not be permitted to enter athletes into any other UAGTCA sponsored competition.



Schedule of Events:

There is no fixed time schedule for these meets and the order of events will not change without at least 24 hours notice. Events do run off quickly; so please plan accordingly. There is no refund for missed events. Every attempt will be made to make event calls over the Public Address system where available. However, the ultimate responsibility to be near the clerking area when an event is being clerked remains with the athlete. If an event is cancelled a credit will be issued for future event fees or at the discretion of the UAGTCA a refund may be given.




 Athletes with Special Needs:

The UAGTCA will take special care to address the needs of athletes requiring special care during our competitions. We ask that that the coach or individual accompanying the athlete to the clerking area advise the clerk that the athlete has a Special Need. Please identify the athlete and the Need and do not assume that the clerk is automatically aware of the 'NEED'. While every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the athlete, it is the sole responsibility of the coach to see to it that we are made aware of the situation.



Event limitations:

Event limitations for these meets will be strictly enforced. Athletes are permitted to participate in a maximum of three (3) events, one (1) of which must be either a Field or a Relay event. Violation of this rule the first time will result in the suspension of that athlete for one meet. Violation of the rule a second time by the same club or athlete will result in the suspension of the club for the series.



Field Event Adjustments:

There will be 3 attempts permitted in the Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus and Javelin Throw. In the long Jump there will be only one additional board added per division.



Event Age Restrictions:

Athletes must be at least 7 years of age, on the day of the meet, in order to participate in the 800 Meter Run or 1500 Meter Run. Athletes must be at least 5 years of age by December 31 in order to participate in all other events.



Seed Marks:

Seed Marks are how we assign athletes to heats in all events. If you submit an entry and do not enter a seed mark then your athlete will be listed as having No Time (NT), No Distance (ND) or No Height (NH) for the event and will be placed in an unseeded heat or section regardless of past known performances or reputation. An athlete's past performances in most UAGTCA sponsored meets are available by clicking on the athletes name when making the entry. Marks must be submitted in the proper metric or English format and be within the acceptable range for the event entered.


Outside Performances

  • Outside Performances are acceptable for seeding purposes but meet performances that do not reasonably compare to submitted seed times may limit our acceptance of unverified marks from you at any future UAGTCA events.
  • Unlike the UAGTCA Outdoor meet series, all Indoor meets are stand-alone meets and do not require participation in any prior meet in the series.



Use of Relay Alternates:

  • All relay alternates must be declared by 12:00 noon the day of the meet and must already be entered in the relay event as an alternate and be associated with the team requesting the change.
  • No Change of Team affiliation is permitted.
  • Alternates are permitted to scratch from an individual event in order to be eligible to participate on a relay. Requests for alternates must be presented at the registration desk and a permission slip must be secured at the time.



  • The Final results for each meet will usually be posted on this site by the Monday morning following each meet. All discrepancies in the results must be reported within one week of the posting of the results. Unreported errors in the posted results, older than one week, may not be changed online.
  • Live instant results are generally available for each event by following the scrolling link which appears on our website during the meet.


Smoking, Drinking and Illicit Drug use Policy:

The UAGTCA maintains a strict NO SMOKING, DRINKING or ILLICIT DRUG USE policy during any of our competitions. The Field House area is a Smoke, Alcohol and Drug Free zone. Any Club or individual smoking, drinking or using illicit drugs will be asked to vacate the premises immediately. You are reminded that in all cases the venues that we use are associated with schools that are, by law, drug free zones and specific civil penalties will also apply.


Parking Considerations:

The parking lot inside of the Stadium complexes are reserved for Meet Staff and Officials by permit only. Cars with appropriate handicap placards will be permitted to park in the available spots designated for this purpose but only if the person requiring accommodation is in the vehicle. The lots, at all locations, are available for use by teams and spectators on a first come first served basis. There is no Reserved parking or tailgating permitted.



Returned Check Policy:

Any club or individual presenting a check that is returned for any reason will be assessed a $50.00 processing fee and will be required to pay by credit card, cash or money order for all future entries. Offending clubs will not be allowed to participate in any UAGTCA meet until all outstanding debts are cleared. No exceptions!




Public Restrooms will be available during the competitions; however, NO CHANGING FACILITIES OR SHOWERS ARE AVAILABLE AT ANY OF THE VENUES. Remember that these are public facilities that belong to the Schools. We hire attendants to help us maintain them as best we can during the meets. Please come dressed to compete and we ask your help, when necessary report any restroom facility that needs attention to our registration desk. There is no cooking or open flames allowed in the stands, the parking lots, or on or near the track.


Please clean-up your area

Please clean-up your area before leaving the meet. Trash bags are available at the concession stand free of charge. Private Vending Private Vending within the confines of the stadium may only be done with the knowledge and consent of the UAGTCA.


The sale of outside food

The sale of outside food, candy, or items of any kind without permission is strictly prohibited. The sale of other non-food items without the knowledge and consent of the UAGTCA is also prohibited. Vendors seeking permission to sell at any UAGTCA meet must secure permission in advance of the competition by contacting the Meet Administrator before the competition begins. Attempts to by-pass this restriction will result in disqualification from the competition and notification of the authorities where warranted.






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