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You can enjoy shopping here with the Cheap Cowboys
by jerseyman
00:58:35 on 20 6 2019 Never
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Cleo Valencia Alejandro
  Friend didn't have model number handy so I ordered him the most common coupler, his doesn't use one, according to his inspection of device, pulley only system on his mothers 1970 whirlpool, wasn't about to go show him...

Jack Arthur
  well made and comfortable

Emma Morris
  It fit right on. And my husband loves it

Marcel A Grende Acevedo
  Thoroughly enjoyed this. Music was great. Brought back fun memories. Acting superb.

Ros Morgan
  Okay so i wasn't sure i wanted to read this book. I waited for what seems like forever for Keyshia and Cashmere 3 to come out and I didn't want to start another series or spin off not knowing what it would bring. But now that I have read it wow. It made a lot of things I read in Keyshia and Cashmere 3 make sense. though if I had read this one first i would have known what was coming in that one. This one worked as it's own story while still incorporating some of the crew from the original Keyshia and Cash series. Now you thought that crew was dysfunctional you haven't seen anything until you got with this one. This was some of the most rachet cheating sleeping around bunch I've ever seen. Yay, Rho and Harmony were all keeping it in the crew they were each wrong for what they had done especially Yay because she double violated I know she wanted some catch back but the way she did it was all the way wrong.  Rhonda too she was foul for what she did. Harmony was just acting like the biggest thot in the book and I couldn't get with her behavior at all.  Lani kept it classy she only went between the two but as soon as she left Sha for good she was trying to be with Jux he just insisted on acting like an ass and after what he said to her I didn't like him anymore either. I honestly can't wait for the next book I think I want to read this one more than I wanted to read Keyshia and Cash that's the truth.

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